• Znojmo


The area of the NP is divided into 3 zones wit a special protection regime: 1st zone (strictly nature) – includes especially the central area of NP made up of the valley of the Dyje River and its tributaries. Nature is here practically virgin or only slightly influenced. Found there are especially natural forests on the valley slopes, including rock steppes, pine woods, scree forests and fragments of submontane primeval forests. Nature in this zone is left to its natural course, where all human activities are excluded. Entry and movement in this zone are possible only on the marked tourist routes.



The region with the first settlement dating back to the 5th century after Christ became a part of the Samo’s Empire in the 9th century. The fortified settlement above Znojmo, built on the vast headland, was amongst the most significant centres of the Great Moravia Empire and was withstanding Hungarian attacks even a half of a century after it came to the end.

Dyje have become a bordering river, fortified by the Premyslids by a line of strong castles, among which stood out the Znojmo Castle founded opposite the old settlement. Its founder Duke Břetislav divided Moravia into three princedoms and assigned them to his sons. In 1226 Znojmo was promoted by Premyslid Otakar I to be a royal town and so it is the oldest town in Moravia.

The oldest sacred building in the CR was built on the headland in the front of the Znojmo Castle and is called the Rotunda of St. Catherine. It dates back to the 1st half of the 12th century and its interior is decorated by original mural paintings depicting probably representatives of Moravian noble families.